The Light of Hope

November 27, 2016 • Terry Weyman

The Magi searched for two years solely based on the hope that what they thought the signs were pointing to were actually true. What are you hoping for this Christmas?

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The Light of Love

December 04, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Joseph and Mary loved each other even when given every reason not to. Jesus gave up everything because He first loved us. In our world of mixed up love we see a light that points to authentic love.

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The Light of Joy

December 11, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Nowhere in Scripture do we have any evidence of Mary being happy about the coming birth of Jesus… that is until she speaks with Elizabeth. Sometimes discovering a deep joy takes time to traverse the distance between our beliefs and our emotions.

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The Light of Peace

December 18, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Finding peace can be a challenge with all the noise of life. In the birth of Christ, we discover God opening a door of peace that we are privileged to walk through.

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The Light of That Conquers Fear

December 25, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can paralyze us and cause us to struggle with obedience in ways no other emotion can. If we listen closely we can hear the voice of our Savior. If we look closely we can see the light of the Holy Spirit that tells us not to be afraid. God Himself will be with you.

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