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The Ruler of Nations 

September 25, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Cyrus is a Persian ruler. What does he say that is peculiar for a Persian ruler to say? What impact do these verses have on our sense of peace regarding who may be elected President in November?

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Serving As One Person 

October 02, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Any one church individual cannot realize the plan of God for them if they do not serve as one person. Unity of purpose is mission critical.

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Overcoming the Adversary 

October 09, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Every plan of God is going to encounter adversity. That adversity usually has a ring leader. God has revealed to us how it is that he overcomes adversity and the adversary of life.

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A Reason to Celebrate 

October 16, 2016 • Terry Weyman

There are some who are afraid that celebrating the good in life is braggadocios. There is a lot of celebrating in this text and in many others in scripture. We should not be afraid or hesitant to praise the Lord in all of His goodness to us.

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In Need of a Teacher 

October 23, 2016 • Terry Weyman

In order for the people to recapture the will of God, the secular King commanded Ezra to teach God’s people the ways of the Lord. It is absolutely remarkable that a secular King commanded this! So Ezra is told that if people don’t know they cannot obey and entrusts Ezra to instruct those who will in turn instruct others. We all need a teacher. We all need to teach.

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A People of One Faith

October 30, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Today, we commonly embrace society’s way of thinking, living, spending, time management and values. We must recognize how culture at large sucks us into its way of thinking. We must be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

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Repentance and Restoration

November 06, 2016 • Terry Weyman

It was not until God’s people repented and turned from the way of their past that they returned to the Lord. This was a costly repentance. They had to turn from the culture, place of residence, gods of their spouse and even their spouse to abandon their sin. The spouse would not abandon her / his faith so they had to walk away. This is radical repentance. This is the kind of repentance needed all through history. If we want restored to faith, we must repent.

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