GFN Church Polo

GFN Polo Colors 2.jpg
GFN Polo Colors 2.jpg

GFN Church Polo


Featuring our New GFN Church Logo!

  • Quality Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Unique Women's and Men's styles
  • 8 Sizes
  • 4 Colors

All orders will ship to GFN Church. VERY IMPORTANT: Please carefully read our Return Policy at Checkout (links are at the bottom of the Checkout Page). All orders and sales are final. Exchanges will be made for defects in workmanship only. We cannot refund orders for inaccurate Color or Size.

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These are quality cotton and polyester blend shirts with unique styles for Women and Men. We do not currently offer shipping. All orders will arrive at GFN Church and you will be notified for pick up! VERY IMPORTANT: Please read our Return and Exchange Policy carefully. All orders and sales are final.