The King and the Kingdom

April 02, 2017 • Terry Weyman

The Kingdom is a concept that Jesus spends a lot of time exploring. We begin this series considering what it means to enter the Kingdom as a child. In what way does faith meet life as we demonstrate a faith in life that is childlike?

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The King and His Donkey

April 09, 2017 • Terry Weyman

The King was supposed to ride a mighty horse but Jesus was more comfortable on a donkey. His mother entered Jerusalem before his birth on a donkey, now Jesus is riding to town on a donkey. Faith meets life in how we enter any given space. If that space is our home, how we enter the home speaks volumes on how we live. If that space is work, what attitude do we bring?

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The Victorious King

April 16, 2017 • Terry Weyman

Because of the resurrection there is no fear in the Kingdom. Faith meets life in how we encounter the unexplainable. Our trouble is that we struggle to see and respond in fear. We could struggle to see and respond in faith. God has never disappointed and we can see from the resurrection life of the first generation disciples what happened as a result of their faith in the middle of horrible adversity.

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The King and His Mission

April 23, 2017 • Ben LaPlace

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The King and His Spirit

April 30, 2017 • Terry Weyman

What is it that disciples of Jesus devote themselves to? How is it that we are to spend money? In what way do we honor Christ in the spending of our time? What is in this passage that is applicable in its cultural context and what way do the concepts apply today? How does the Spirit of the King make faith meet life?

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