A Neighbor in an Unusual Place

November 29, 2015 • Terry Weyman

Would you... Could you... Won't you be our neighbor?

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An Exceptional Town

December 8, 2015 • Terry Weyman

Have you ever had a “neighbor” that was hard to get along with? Have you ever looked down on a class or group of people and concluded that not much will come from them? Have you sought forgiveness for that spirit?

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Revealing the Light

December 13, 2015 • Terry Weyman

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Who is on Your "Do Not Call" List?

December 20, 2015 • Terry Weyman

Is there anyone not worthy of the love and grace of Jesus? NO! EVERYONE is worthy of Jesus' love and grace!

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It's About Time

December 27, 2015 • Terry Weyman

Are you one to value making resolutions for the New Year or do you not even bother because history has shown you don’t keep them anyway?

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