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The Person Caught in Sin Matters to God 

August 21, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Jesus tells us that the expectation is that we “go and sin no more.” His grace expects that you are kept pure from sin. His grace is sufficient for those trapped by sin. His grace confronts those who think they don’t need grace...

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The Outcast Matters to God 

August 28, 2016 • Terry Weyman

We read “The Good Samaritan” and walk away without thinking of the cultural context. If we read “The Good Muslim Gay Man,” we can’t walk away without thinking of the cultural context. Biblical love is radical, reckless and risks. Do you find it harder to love certain people with certain labels?

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The Wounded Matters to God 

September 04, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Do you know anyone with a “withered hand?” Have you treated them as though they matter to God and they matter to you?

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The Wealthy Matters to God 

September 11, 2016 • Terry Weyman

Many of us have an understanding of wealth that has been shaped by the media instead of scripture. Nowhere in scripture does the Bible say it is a sin to be wealthy. On the contrary, Jesus sat down for dinner with the wealthy and loved them as much as the poorest around.

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The One Lost in the Crowd Matters to God 

September 18, 2016 • Terry Weyman

God sees everything, today. He knows who you're going to encounter, this week, and He's already sending His prevenient grace to make an impact in their life. Love that one, who needs Jesus today.

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