Finding Victory Over Resolutions

January 1, 2017 • Terry Weyman

Resolutions are the word of the day! After Christmas everyone looks in the mirror and takes inventory of their lives and considers what resolutions they will make for 2017. It is common, and even expected, that we will all have given up on our resolutions by the end of the month. The motive, power and intent of resolutions is actually very biblical! We find here a great way to approach resolutions in order to bring new purpose to our lives in 2017.

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Finding God's Dream for My Life

January 8, 2017 • Terry Weyman

Solomon had a dream and he asked God to give him wisdom to govern which made God happy. However, before he had made the inquiry of God he made a marriage alliance with Pharaoh of Egypt which opened the door for Solomon to enter into idolatry. God has a dream for us that needs to find its way into our dreams. At the same time we need to be aware of the things in life that can rob us of fulfilling the wildly amazing dreams God has for our life.

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Finding Time for 2017

January 15, 2017 • Terry Weyman

Each year we begin with lofty goals for how we will allocate our time and usually before the end of January we find ourselves frustrated. It isn’t until we come to terms that we will always give ourselves to that which we find more important and urgent will things change. God can give us a new vision for the expense of our time. He can reprioritize our life and then give us the discipline of the Holy Spirit to do more that we imagined. We will seek to discover how God wants to make this happen in our life.

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Finding My Foundation

January 22, 2017 • Ben LaPlace

A lot of homes are being built in the upstate. It is remarkable how much time is spent on the ground work. It seems that months go by and all they do is move dirt. Then comes the foundation concrete. As hidden as the foundation and the dirt under the foundation may be, these two steps are critical to the stability of your home. The same is true of the spiritual world and the world of relationships. If 2017 is going to have any stability, we must be sure that our foundations are in good repair. We will discover what that foundation is and how to maintain the integrity of our spiritual foundation.

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Finding Financial Freedom

January 29, 2017 • Terry Weyman

If you did not pay cash for your Christmas gifts, the bills have arrived. Many folks live paycheck to paycheck and are living with the daily burden of spending more than they make. There are those on radio in the Upstate that beat people up over their bad financial decisions while those listening are left to suffer in silent guilt. There is a better solution! God’s grace can transform our approach to money which opens the door to financial freedom. We will find a way to live life according to God’s financial principles and implement those in our life.

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